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For YOUR safety and safety of OUR STAFF, we have implemented New York State Coved-19 Workplace guidelines.

You must be masked when entering any of our offices and reman 6ft. from all other applicants, at all times.

Your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount and will be enforced!!

Look forward in working together.

Why Choose TempWork Staffing Solution?

Today’s businesses demand flexible and pro-active approach when taking on new business ventures and or diversifying your current business model. Creating recruiting campaigns and addressing all government employer mandates, prohibits you for what got you here!! Growing your company!!

The Solution – TempWork Staffing provides;

  • Available Workforce 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week.
  • Competitive Pricing and Multiple Staffing Programs built to work within your budget requirements.
  • A Local, multi-lingual diverse recruiting team associated with religious institution, community centers and programs. A true Grass Roots Operations!
  • A Local Management Support Team Available 24 / 7.
  • Onsite Supervision – Evaluation of our workforce emailed weekly.
  • Quarterly / Annually – Illegal Drug Screening and Alcohol Testing.
  • Quarterly / Annually – Workforce Training seminars in Job-Site Safety, GMP, Job-Site Conduct and more.
  • E-Time Clock System – Complete Online Payroll Processing and Verification Systems.
  • Seamless integration – Current Workplace Polices, Dress Code Requirements and Culture incorporated.
  • Motivated, Hardworking, Dedicated and Safe Conscious Workforce.

TempWork Staffing Solution – Employment Agencies Temp Work Staffing in New York City & Queens NY | NYC Temp Agencies (tempworkstaffing, tempwork247) Temp Work Staffing Employment Agencies: With a dedicated, safe, conscious workforce.

Our Tempwork247 staff has a great work ethic and brings a positive attitude to work on a daily basis. We are Temp Work, your employment agency in Queens New York city to get the job done. Our Temp work Staffing Agencies is a local solid source of willing, able, safe conscientious and reliable associates to address your Temporary Work Employment Agencies needs.

What Makes us different from employment agencies or temp work staffing services makes us better. Tempwork247 has a Proactive management team with over 30 years for Staffing and Temp Work services. From start to finish. For a day; a week; a month, or on a long term basis.

Our Temp work Staffing Agencies are available 24 7, to start the recruitment process quickly. So you can be staffing by Tempwork Employment Agencies Service without delay. What’s next? Employment agencies in Brooklyn New York. Brooklyn New York temp agencies, staffing agencies, and employment agency. Brooklyn New York Temp Work 24/7.

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