4 Things That Will Help You Get Your Dream Job


What to do in order to get your dream job? From writing resumes to the job interview, follow and implement these tips to yield better results for your future career!


1 Be Creative With Your Resume


Your resume needs to stand out - it cannot be like everyone else's and it must show who you are, tell your story and make a connection with the reader. Design a front cover that goes “wow” - because just like an advertising company is trying to sell you on the product when it comes to the job hunt you need to think like an advertising agent.


2 Dress For Success

Don't turn up to a job interview looking as if you have just crawled in from a nightclub! Also, dress for the job not some other job. For example, if you are going for an interview that is white collar - wear a tie and jacket not a jeans and a t-shirt and if it's a blue collar job don't wear a suit.


3 Be Confident Not Arrogant

There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. Don't go into an interview thinking you know everything about everything and being cocky - people see a dickhead and think “you're not working for me”. That's arrogance. Confidence is more about being confident in the fact that you present well, know what you have applied for and why you think you could be asset. Confident in mind, presentation and knowledge. Never mistaken the two.


4 Research Your Potential Employer

It is a mistake to go into an interview knowing next to nothing about your employer. If you are applying for jobs it is a valuable investment of your time - so, research who your employer is and what they do. Have a look at the news section of the website or have a look at what they are posting on social media. Why? Because you should try and create conversation points during the interview about what you have learnt that shows you have indeed taken the time to learn about them.